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Capturing your wedding's essence through cinematic videography, expressive photography, and harmonized audiovisuals, we create timeless, romantic memories.

Amore in Motion


"Amore in Motion," literally meaning "Love in Motion" in English, brings the dynamic and emotive elements of your love story to life through captivating video production. Our cinematographers, skilled in the art of visual storytelling, focus on capturing the fluid beauty and heartfelt moments of your wedding. From the fleeting, tender exchanges to the grand, joyous celebrations, each scene is recorded with an eye for romance and authenticity, turning your special day into a visually stunning narrative.

In this service, we focus on creating a dynamic and engaging narrative. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that each frame is a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of your relationship. The result is a vivid portrayal, rich in detail and emotion, reflecting the depth of your bond.

As the final product, "Amore in Motion" offers more than just a wedding video; it's a cinematic masterpiece that brings to life the magic of your special day. It's an heirloom, a way to relive and share your story with others. This service is perfect for those who envision their wedding as a momentous occasion that deserves to be immortalized with elegance, artistry, and passion.

Passione in Frame


"Passione in Frame," translating literally to "Passion in Frame" in English, captures the very essence of your wedding day through the lens of passionate photography. Our expert photographers use their keen eye for detail to encapsulate every cherished moment, from the subtle, tender exchanges to the exuberant smiles of joy. Each image is a meticulous work of art, reflecting the intensity and warmth of your special day.

Our approach is to blend into the background, capturing candid and authentic moments as they naturally unfold. This allows us to create a visual narrative that is both honest and beautifully composed. Your wedding album will be more than a collection of photos; it will be a storybook of your love, filled with images that evoke the same feelings and atmosphere as your actual wedding day.

In choosing "Passione in Frame," you're not just selecting a service, but investing in a treasure trove of memories. This option is perfect for those who desire a tangible, lasting reminder of their wedding - a collection of moments skillfully captured to reflect the depth and beauty of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Romanza in Sync


"Romanza in Sync," translating to "Romance in Harmony," is designed to bring a complete and synchronized audiovisual experience to your wedding. This service merges the skills of expert sound technicians, seasoned cameramen, and storytelling experts. We provide live audio coverage, ensuring every heartfelt vow and melody is captured with clarity, while our cameramen record the visual splendor and emotion of your day.

In this service, we pay meticulous attention to both the seen and the unseen. Our sound technicians expertly handle live audio, ensuring that vows, speeches, and the melody of your day are preserved with clarity and richness. Simultaneously, our cameramen capture the visual splendor of your celebration, focusing on the emotions, interactions, and atmospheric details.

The result of "Romanza in Sync" is a wedding film that's not just a visual treat but an auditory journey as well. We take pride in delivering a final product that synchronizes the sights and sounds of your wedding, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. This service is perfect for couples who desire a comprehensive record of their day, crafted with the utmost care and professionalism.


What our clients say

"Manzoni brought pure magic to our wedding day! Their storytelling through film is beyond exceptional. Our wedding video is a masterpiece filled with love, emotion, and breathtaking visuals. Every time we watch it, we're transported back to that special day. Manzoni captured our love story in the most enchanting way possible."

Charles & Mae

"We can't thank Manzoni enough for their incredible work. Our wedding photos and video are simply stunning. They made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day, and it shows in the final product. The attention to detail and the way they captured every candid moment is nothing short of perfection. Highly recommended!"

Elizabeth & Thomas

"They turned our wedding into a fairytale! From the pre-wedding shoot to the final film, their dedication and artistry really shined through. They not only captured the big moments but also the little details that made our day unique. We're forever grateful for the timeless memories they've created for us."

Max & Ashley