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Maestro - Full Experience

The premium package offers the ultimate photography experience. It includes everything from the Armonia Package and goes a step further by offering photo printing and advanced AI effects.

$ 4,220.00 CAD
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The "Maestro" package represents the zenith of wedding photography, offering an opulent and comprehensive coverage of your special day. You also get advanced editing using AI to enhance the quality and effects on your messages. Couldn't get flames or sparklers? We got you.

  • 1 photographer
  • 1 Assistant photographer
  • Up to 14 hours
  • Extra hours at 200$/hour
  • Full Set of Printed Pictures
  • Rush delivery included - Get your photos in one week!

These effects can include artistic touches like adding smoke or other atmospheric enhancements, providing a touch of magic and creativity to your wedding photos. This package is for those who want a complete, luxurious photographic experience, capturing their day in the most enchanting and innovative way possible.

All packages include a moodboard to choose your style!

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Maestro - Full Experience