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Melodia - Half-day

The 'Melodia' package transforms your love story into a melodious visual symphony, where every glance and gesture dances to the rhythm of your heartbeats.

$ 4,660.00 CAD
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This package transforms your wedding day into a melodious visual symphony, capturing the essence of your love story with the rhythm and harmony of music. It includes :

  • 1 Videographer
  • 1 Production Assistant
  • 6 hours (150$/hr extra)
  • Highlight video - 2 to 3 min
  • Raw footage

Imagine each glance, every gentle touch, and the synchronized movements of your dance, all woven into a seamless, musical narrative. The 'Music Video' package is designed to create a dreamy, rhythmic portrayal of your special day. Soft, ambient lighting and artistically blurred backgrounds accentuate the intimate moments, making your wedding feel like a romantic music video. This package is perfect for couples who see their love story as a beautiful song, a blend of melodies and lyrics that define their journey together.

All our packages include breathtaking Drone Footage and Dynamic Subtitles at no extra charge.

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Melodia - Half-day